15 08 2012

Christian believer’s marrying  unbeliever’s; Christians marrying ‘other-than’ Christians. It’s not a smart move. In fact, it tore apart the Kingdom of the wisest man on earth, Solomon; who indulged in serial-marraiges to unbeliever’s.

This was a ‘Hot Topic‘ discussed on The View due to comments made by Rev. Pat Robertson in answer to a young man contemplating marrying his Muslim girlfriend of three years: “Don’t!”

The women of The View, headed by Barbara Walters and her gal-pals had much to say on this topic. What do you think?

The Apostle Paul told the Christians of Corinth within his second letter to them:

“Be you not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness? and what partnership has light with darkness?”  2 Corinthians 6:14KJV 2000

What’s a yoke? It is a harness that is placed over the heads of two or more farm animals to keep them moving in the same direction at the same pace.

This “fellowship” and “partnership” is not confined solely to marriage as some teach, but emphasizes a variety of relationships and/or bonds of alliances and agreements. The ‘light vs darkness‘ and ‘righteous vs unrighteous‘ refers to two opposing or strivings (differing) points of view.

Bullocks Yoked

Wedding Rings Symbolize Being Yoked Together In Marriage

As Christians, in kindness and respect, we are to “prefer” one another. “Be kindly affectioned  one to another  with  brotherly love;  in honour  preferring  one another…”   Romans 12:10 KJV

This writer has always experienced good success when utilizing the services, skills, and purchasing through ‘acknowledging’ Christians.

For example: Our outdoor faucet (hose bib) cracked and was spewing water (small lake) in the back yard. When our failing efforts came to a close; as Richard Dawson, the original host of The Family Feud would say: And the answer is!” Call the Plumber. We did.

We prayed and opened the phone book. The Ichthys, or “sign of the fish” displayed in his listing was a great hint that he was a Christian Believer too. IchthysPraise God, not only did he keep his scheduled arrival as promised, work expertly, neatly, professionally, and friendly; he did many, many extra’s. Prayers had gone up regarding some ‘other’ needs we had for the yard, but lacked the muscle and/or tools to see to them.

This Christian Plumber took care of our plumbing needs and a few days later came back to take care of our yard ‘wants’ as well. We hadn’t told anyone about what we wanted, but Jesus.

When Dave showed up with the big tools and equipment, did the work with a big smile and refused to charge us a dime for his help; we praised God! Dave was moved only by the Spirit of the Lord. God used him to provide the fulfillment of the desires of our hearts.  Dave is and will be blessed, as will his business.

For the task at hand, we prayed, moved in faith and  ‘yoked’ or attached ourselves into the capable hands of a Christian Believer whom God used for His glory and to the benefit of us all. That is just how completely the Lord Jesus works through The Holy Spirit in the world today.

So: Pray, submit yourself to the will of God in all that you do and before you do whatever it is you need to do… Get it straight with the Lord first. Don’t leave Him out of your plans, alliances, friendships, contracts or any aspect of your life.

This describes what the Lord God told Joshua as he embarked on entering ‘The Promised Land‘ filled with its’ many blessings and many challenges: “This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it; for then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have success.” Joshua 1:8 NKJV

Unevenly yoked in marriage, friendships, partnerships, contracts and alliances? Seek the Lord Jesus in prayer, and study your Bible. HE is the answer to all of our challenges.  Be Blessed!


13 11 2011
Forgiveness: God's Tool

What's In Your Tool Box?

Too often we get fixed, stuck, on OUR: Problems, our struggles…our “stuff”. We are not only “stuck”, but in bondage to how we perceive life. We can quite easily become prisoners of our own mental outlook.

How often do possessions own us? Nowadays we see children in authority over and directing their parents. Do we own a house or does the house own us? Do we possess a vast collection of:  Shoes, coins, scrapbook items, jewelry, guns, rods/reels, or any variety of ‘things’; or do ‘things’ own us? Of course, we know that Jesus impacted us with His statement: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21 and Luke 12:34

However, He was speaking to us: People overwhelmed in mind, body and spirit with “too much going on” in their life. Many Americans are overwhelmed with the clutter of unforgiveness; which is pacified with “stuff.”  There is a connection.

Our avalanche of choices and stuff-pacifiers overwhelm many of us with sleepless nights and grog-filled days. We become like the “Rich young ruler” in the books of Matthew and Luke who spoke to Jesus citing his many possessions, accomplishments and advantages, but wanting to know: “What yet do I lack?”

Jesus basically told him to let go of the possessions that possessed him and build direction in his life. Forgiveness is a building tool: It cleans out the junk cluttering our hearts and overwhelming our lives; making us move in too many directions.

Forgiveness is: A God-inspired, God-empowered tool that makes “what is impossible with man, possible with God.” Forgiveness: This is the stuff of true freedom. “Freedom comes, not from fixing on the complexity of your problem, but from looking on the simplicity of God’s answer.”

Let’s Pray: “Lord Jesus, we give our heart, mind and soul in your care with faith-filled trust. We seek only your direction for our lives and release to your loving hands, those things that would block a deeper relationship with you.” Amen            Be Blessed

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