26 12 2011
Miss Janet Jackson

What Have You Done For Me Lately?

“What Have You Done For Me Lately?” Miss Jackson made that question the most popular one posed to date through her hit album Rhythm Nation, with the assist of writer/producer dynamic duo: Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. Grammy awards were given out in plenty.

How can we give the Lord a Grammy for what He does for us every minute of every day? The answer: Praise. That’s right, Praise Him; give thanks to Him and for Him; for He is good, and His mercy endures forever! That’s what we read in Psalm 136:1 and Psalm 107:1. Here is just a small example how Praising God worked out in a very big way: My Uncle is 84, a retired Barber, a left-side stroke victim, and newly diagnosed cancer patient who along with my Aunt, a retired nurse with many years of deep muscle and bone damage (lifting heavy patients for 35 years); both on a tight fixed income; called me to ask for prayer: Their old car had just died, leaving them with many doctor appointments and no means of transportation in the suburbs of New Jersey.

By phone in Tennessee, I began to pray right then and there. The Holy Spirit lifted that prayer, having me to speak out the power and love of God, the words of promise and comfort of help found only in the word of God. When we concluded that prayer, we all felt lifted, encouraged and at peace; although nothing on the outside had changed (the car was still dead and they still did not have any money –me either). However, there was a big change for us all; deep down on the inside. We were renewed in our faith. I encouraged them to do what the word tells us in Psalm 150-“Praise ye the Lord.”

I asked them both to speak only blessings and positive pronouncements over their situations: “Say what you DO want to happen; and not the opposite.” We can read all about faith in the whole book of James. It’s all about faith and those who ‘walk by faith and not by sight.’ II Corinthians 5:7

Back to my Uncle and Aunt: Within days, men and women came to them saying they just had a ‘feeling’ that they should get in touch with them. The result: They missed very few doctor appointments. Then someone suggested a lady in car sales. This lovely woman was moved to compassion; took their old dead car in trade; sold them a lightly used car and even picked them up from their home to come to the dealership and sign the papers. The car is better than they could have ever afforded and has all the bells and whistles; a sunroof; keyless lock entry and great gas mileage. It’s a ‘hot’ little car and just right for zipping them around town. They were ecstatic. See Ephesians 3:20 about “More than you could ask or imagine.” That’s just how our God does what He does—all the time.

Then, the American Cancer Society ‘just happened’ to mail them a food voucher for $300.00. Finally, my Uncles’ estranged son showed up with a Christmas card with a crisp $100 dollar bill inside. This was his first visit to his Father’s home in over eight years. Prayer changes things. So, “What has He done for me lately?” God is worthy of our praise even if He never did another thing for us. HE paid it all on the cross of Calvary. All we need do is receive it by Faith. Don’t we just love how He loves us? Hallelujah! Be Blessed. Contact Lighthouse Ministries for prayer and counseling.



13 11 2011
Forgiveness: God's Tool

What's In Your Tool Box?

Too often we get fixed, stuck, on OUR: Problems, our struggles…our “stuff”. We are not only “stuck”, but in bondage to how we perceive life. We can quite easily become prisoners of our own mental outlook.

How often do possessions own us? Nowadays we see children in authority over and directing their parents. Do we own a house or does the house own us? Do we possess a vast collection of:  Shoes, coins, scrapbook items, jewelry, guns, rods/reels, or any variety of ‘things’; or do ‘things’ own us? Of course, we know that Jesus impacted us with His statement: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21 and Luke 12:34

However, He was speaking to us: People overwhelmed in mind, body and spirit with “too much going on” in their life. Many Americans are overwhelmed with the clutter of unforgiveness; which is pacified with “stuff.”  There is a connection.

Our avalanche of choices and stuff-pacifiers overwhelm many of us with sleepless nights and grog-filled days. We become like the “Rich young ruler” in the books of Matthew and Luke who spoke to Jesus citing his many possessions, accomplishments and advantages, but wanting to know: “What yet do I lack?”

Jesus basically told him to let go of the possessions that possessed him and build direction in his life. Forgiveness is a building tool: It cleans out the junk cluttering our hearts and overwhelming our lives; making us move in too many directions.

Forgiveness is: A God-inspired, God-empowered tool that makes “what is impossible with man, possible with God.” Forgiveness: This is the stuff of true freedom. “Freedom comes, not from fixing on the complexity of your problem, but from looking on the simplicity of God’s answer.”

Let’s Pray: “Lord Jesus, we give our heart, mind and soul in your care with faith-filled trust. We seek only your direction for our lives and release to your loving hands, those things that would block a deeper relationship with you.” Amen            Be Blessed

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