The Thing About Uncle’s

14 06 2012
William E. Moore

William E. Moore
Husband, Father, Son and Soldier

There’s a wonderful relationship between a child and Uncle. You see, he isn’t your Father, but if you are as blessed as I was; he can be a mighty fine substitute if you need one.

This is a fond salute to my dear Uncle Bill who went home to the Lord Wednesday June 6, 2012. He is the last sibling of the “Magnificent Seven” children; inclusive of my lovely Mother.

I could tell you about his profession (Barber) and the many famous people on his client list (Muhammad Ali and Jersey-Joe Walcott) or his many travels; love of: sports, fishing, politics, a good joke, and ice cream; however, that doesn’t seem nearly enough to paint the whole picture.

That ‘whole picture’ is what is his gift for me… His niece… a treasure that I will keep in my heart and share over time with my loved ones.

In the meantime, it got me thinking about famous Uncle’s in the Bible: Uncle Abraham and his nephew, Lot; then there was Uncle Mordecai and his niece, Esther. Regarding the latter; Mordecai was actually her cousin; however, as it happens within my own family, when one is revered as elder and wiser the title of Uncle or Aunt is more a sign of respect than of actual lineage as seems the case between Esther and Mordecai.

There were numerous kinship’s listed in those long genealogies within the Bible: King David and his nephew Joab [II Samuel] and  even our Lord Jesus and his Uncle Joseph of Arimathea, who begged for the body of Jesus after the crucifixion and then allowed his nephews’ use of his very own tomb.

My Uncle Bill looked after my Mother and me as she succumbed to cancer. However, my favorite memory was that his Barbershop was near my school. Being an independent business man; he would stop barbering to drive me home when it was raining outside. He’d include all my crazy girlfriends from school too in those rides home… how he put up with all that teen chatter is a monument to his love and patience.

I’ll confess: I used to love those rainy days! Happy Father’s Day Uncle Bill.

Hug your Dad, hug your Uncle. Be Blessed!


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22 12 2011

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