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22 12 2011

Our Not-So-Secret Admirer

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13 11 2011
Forgiveness: God's Tool

What's In Your Tool Box?

Too often we get fixed, stuck, on OUR: Problems, our struggles…our “stuff”. We are not only “stuck”, but in bondage to how we perceive life. We can quite easily become prisoners of our own mental outlook.

How often do possessions own us? Nowadays we see children in authority over and directing their parents. Do we own a house or does the house own us? Do we possess a vast collection of:  Shoes, coins, scrapbook items, jewelry, guns, rods/reels, or any variety of ‘things’; or do ‘things’ own us? Of course, we know that Jesus impacted us with His statement: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21 and Luke 12:34

However, He was speaking to us: People overwhelmed in mind, body and spirit with “too much going on” in their life. Many Americans are overwhelmed with the clutter of unforgiveness; which is pacified with “stuff.”  There is a connection.

Our avalanche of choices and stuff-pacifiers overwhelm many of us with sleepless nights and grog-filled days. We become like the “Rich young ruler” in the books of Matthew and Luke who spoke to Jesus citing his many possessions, accomplishments and advantages, but wanting to know: “What yet do I lack?”

Jesus basically told him to let go of the possessions that possessed him and build direction in his life. Forgiveness is a building tool: It cleans out the junk cluttering our hearts and overwhelming our lives; making us move in too many directions.

Forgiveness is: A God-inspired, God-empowered tool that makes “what is impossible with man, possible with God.” Forgiveness: This is the stuff of true freedom. “Freedom comes, not from fixing on the complexity of your problem, but from looking on the simplicity of God’s answer.”

Let’s Pray: “Lord Jesus, we give our heart, mind and soul in your care with faith-filled trust. We seek only your direction for our lives and release to your loving hands, those things that would block a deeper relationship with you.” Amen            Be Blessed

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