About the Lightkeeper & the Lighthouse

Lighthouse Ministries

Director of the Lighthouse Ministries of Middle Tennessee; citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven; servant of the Most High God; on a mission to “Feed His sheep, feed His lambs” as He called me to do in 1998.

The Lighthouse is a Teaching, Healing and Deliverance ministry. We are here to expound on the word of God as found in the Holy Bible. We are not affiliated with any particular denomination.

The Gifts of the Spirit, miraculous healings and deliverance from demonic bondage is available to you today as written in the Bible and brought to you in power by the Holy Spirit; because of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection from the dead.

We are Lighthouse. The function of any lighthouse is for the guiding of those upon the water to steer clear of the jagged rocks that could lead to death and locate the soft sandy shores of safety. Here at Lighthouse Ministries, we too lead you to the safety of life everlasting as found only through faith in the Lord Jesus and available through the word of God.

We are available for counseling appointments as a foundation for healing and deliverance; intercessory prayer; speaking engagements and officiating ceremonies of marriage, baptisms, christenings and Home Going/Funerals by appointment (931) 839-2780

Be Blessed


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24 05 2013
Super Sweet Blogger Award !!!! | How to make a fruit salad

[…] I love their mission and love for Christ! https://tnlighthouse.wordpress.com/about/ – Brings such honesty and scripture together! Very encouraging! […]

12 03 2013
Hubert Hynowski (@huberthynowski)

Hello guys,

I have really enjoyed reading through your blog. You have a great mission and some real quality content here on the blog along some very informative posts. I think it would be worth sharing with more people and I believe I could help to get you new readers if you are interested.

I am looking for passionate writers to join our community of bloggers and I was wondering whether you would consider sharing your posts on Glipho and become a member?

It might be a good idea to give your mission and your blog more exposure while having fun and meeting fellow writers.

Please check us out at http://glipho.com and drop me a line at hubert@glipho.com for any questions.


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