Thanksgiving Wish: Shhh, Don’t Wake Them

26 11 2015


Please don’t wake the Baby!   You know it makes them cry.  They’ll turn around and kick at you. Your words they will defy.

Please don’t wake the children.  They’re content in Faeryland;where happy endings rule their dreams   No theft of home or land.

Just kids after all; why confuse them with your facts?   How mean you are, to recall,  cruel and heinous acts: “No Indians, only Native Tribes.  No Pilgrims pride, just Genocide.

It’s Not gluttony… We are feasting!  No arrogance or injustices… Tradition and fun!   Well… For us it is.

Forget old trails of blood, Trail of Tears                                                                  Uncle Jim brings micro-beers!

Though our groceries receipt$ could put shoes on Natives’ feet:   Pass the sauce, slay the bird.  It’s thanksgiving… or haven’t you heard?

Turn up the volume on the game.   Every year let’s do the same   But please don’t wake the kids!   Don’t speak of slaughter in their midst.

Let them laugh and feast and play.  After all,  it is…    A Holy day.





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