16 11 2015

Eiffle Tower

Dear Paris, France…  I’ve been trying to get cozy with you for more than a three hour layover.  

Having been born a “Francophile” to a (American Southern Belle) Francophile; I’ve been loving France (especially Paris) from afar all of my life.

 Yes, it’s all a bowl filled with MGM movies about Paris and cooking shows about Paris and USA televised fashion shows about Paris and being a little girl watching my First Lady practically invade (fashionably) – Paris with her husband, JFK.


 Three of my World War II-era Uncles, regaled us with stories of post-war Paris, silk stockings and chocolates.  Mom and I watching Julia Child on the tiny kitchen counter TV meant, “Viva la France” to me on her weekly cooking show.  We knew she wasn’t French, but she was non-French just like us and she adored France… just like us.


So hurt, so disappointed, so sad and tragic for the families of those touched by this latest catastrophe coming at the hands of terrorism.  My heart weeps for France and the people of such a lovely, lovely country.  I pray it will not harden your hearts to those of us outside in the world.

 There are other voices mentioning the tragedy of terrorism confronting other countries, other people-groups and families too.  Human life is sacred wherever its location.  However, the people and style of France has touched this world for a long, long time.  You’ve shared your revolutionary ideas, your laughter, your beautiful style and art with all of us.

Never doubt… You are loved.






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16 11 2015
The Gypsy

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