Gimme a Break!

13 11 2015

“Give me a break – Give me a break… Break me off a piece of that   ____  ____ bar!”  canstock15861901

Since Yours Truly get’s no affiliate remunerations for gigging a product; you’ll just have to let your automatic pilot imagination fill in the blanks as I’m sure you have.  This product is the hottest TV commercial in Egypt (this month) and I personally need a break from hearing it.  I also need a break from the upcoming “Gratitude” posts that are the salt and pepper of the Internet Thanksgiving season (no let up until after January 1st it seems).

However, due to being sledge hammered by Flu; I’ll kick off the Season of Gratitude by saying I am grateful that it was only AFTER coming back to my twelfth floor, elevator-ed apartment and taking a dose of the potions in the Pharmacy bag; the building electricity cut off!

Not only “Thanks to High Heaven,” I could practically jump down, spin around and pick a bale of cotton!  Especially if I had the energy to jump/spin or knew anything about  picking cotton [which is how my ancestors allowed me  to be here (smart-mouthing) this very day].

cotton pickers

Seriously, from one claustrophobic person to another  (wait… there’s no room for two of us)  I am very grateful not to be stuck on the elevator during the half hour brown out.  I’m grateful that no one was on-board for that little fiasco.

So there ya’ go: Gratitude!  

turkey n cranberries

Disclaimer: No feathered creatures or cranberries were sacrificed for the making of this post.

                   Salaam     Be Blessed!




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