9 06 2013

The authentic Church of the Lord Jesus has gone underground.

House Church Group


That may sound like a provocative statement, but let’s look at the evidence: Jesus taught and did miracles from house-to-house, town-to-town and within the local community Temple (a.k.a. Synagogue). News of His healings and provisional (food) miracles drew thousands that gathered, but His main ministry was person-to-person and house-to-house. His is the ministry of the Spirit and power of God (direct) to those perishing in body, soul and spirit.

Jesus constantly taught that loving, merciful ministration to fellow human beings is what He and Father-God desired in the earth. In fact, He came to set the captives Free! Free from religious dogma and divisions. The twelve Apostles received the Holy Spirit in the Upper Room just as Jesus had prophesied that they would. In the power of the Holy Spirit, they set out. What they built upon the foundation of Christ’s cross is still “turning the world upside down.”


Is the Church today ineffective?

What few consider is that Satan is and always has been an enemy to all humanity; a “Pretender-to-the-Throne” that is only inhabited by our Lord Jesus, the Christ. In these last days before the coming of the Lord to reap His own; Satan has declared all out war on the Church.

Satan: The Prince of the power of the air

War? How do we fight back?

In the book of Revelation 2:13, Jesus declares to us that He is fully aware that Satan is sitting in the “Highest seat” within His Church and that there will be a “Great falling away” of Believer’s [First Thessalonians 2:1-3]. The good news is that our Lord did not leave us as orphans, but has provided grace and strength to us and gathers us through His Holy Spirit, to lead, guide and direct us into all *righteousness (*moral perfection; deception-free living). John 14:18

Among the leadership and those who follow them in many North American institutions (so-called churches) today there is more: Confusion; Hierarchical power-grabbing; Back-biting gossiping; Moral perversion; Greed/Wealth-focused excess; Socio/Political-Racial-Economic-Gender-based Divisions and Emotional manipulation than among a den of thieves.

There used to be great sadness connected to this statement having witnessed firsthand (coast-to-coast) these awful displays within what was reported to be the Lord’s House. However, in checking the Prophetic word throughout the Holy Bible; it is understood that “these things need be,” thereby fulfilling prophecy.

Wounded? Our prayer is for those who at one time have been wounded through these “Synagogues of Satan” masquerading as the Church; is to hold on and know that the real, or authentic church of our Lord is not gone or ‘taken over,’ but alive, well and living within each heart that receives Jesus as Lord and Savior. Wherever two or more are gathered together in His name; there He (still) is in the midst of us.

Now What?

  •  Let us gather together family, neighbors, friends, children and strangers.
  • Call upon the Lord Jesus; read; study His word (Holy Bible); pray; praise; sing to the Lord.
  • Worship the Lord.
  • Heed (hear and do) the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • Operate (work, be active, share) in your Gifting(s) and be at peace with all men (people).

Above all: Love one another. Let us be wise in the knowledge of His love for us as we see the time approaching of our Lord’s soon return.


Gathered in His name...

Gathered in His name…


Lesson Study Guide: John 3:7-8; [Acts 2:17/Joel 2:28/Isaiah 44:3]; 2nd Timothy 4:3; Also, Isaiah 40:31.  We also highly recommend reading the Book of Revelation; you could simply start with just the ‘red’ words of Jesus: It is more current and accurate than any News Media outlet found today.

Be Blessed!

The Light Keeper




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