Big Enough ?

24 05 2013

The Light Keeper has friends in Egypt.   dusk__camel__pyramids__cairo_-_egypt

They taught us about the Qur’an. We spent hours discussing the similarities between the Holy Bible and the Qur’an regarding the “Creation” story; Abraham; Ishmael; Joseph and the One whom they called the Prophet Ye’shua (peace be upon Him) and we know as, Jesus.    reading group2

On any typical day, they enjoy most American movies, music and have a terrific Egyptian movie industry and Pop stars as well. Your Light Keeper went a little cross-eyed trying to keep up with the English subtitles.  A few of these wonderful friends were Coptic Christians, which can trace its roots back to early Christianity.


All this to say…

Is “Your God” big enough to have lovingly created all humanity

  One Earth

One Earth

  Or just the folks in your Church?

church scene

Come (aboard…) “Let us reason together…”

Be Blessed!




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