Nothing New Under the Sun©

26 10 2012
Mount Nemrut - Turkey

Under the sun

That which has been is what will be,
That which is done is what will be done,
And there is nothing new under the sun.  King Solomon~ Ecclesiastes 1:9 NIV

Ever get the creepy-crawly feeling that you’ve experienced something before that is happening in your ‘now’? Ever notice repetitive cycles that are strangely familiar? No matter… In the meantime, The Lightkeeper asks your indulgence as we take a ‘Flight of Fancy’ and stretch our imaginations for what we hope is an insightful interview:

Mount Nemrut Turkey

King Antiochus I excavation – Turkey

“It’s the women first…

It’s always the women… first.

Ask Eve.

You see, once all of the females are under tight control, it’s just easy pickings from then on.

O granted that along the way certain foundational divisions must be established, such as:

‘Us –vs. – Them’; ‘The Haves –vs. – The Have Not’s;’ etc.

Anyway… it’s all just so easy, so basic. That’s the diabolical beauty of it all actually.”

‘It’ laughed.

‘It’ crossed Its’ leg casually.

‘It’ reminded me, once again, that as a spirit-being it had no image. I was only seeing an image that I could be comfortable with.

“Um hmm,” I replied, uncomfortable in this being’s presence, but determined to complete the interview. “Could you go over the ahh…?”

“…The Grand Scheme of Things?” It interjected, helpfully as I nodded.

“Well, there’s pretty much the same formula and basic building blocks for every era of time.” It replied, warming to the subject.

“There was that very first group; and then the flood, you know. After that Egypt rose up quite nicely, but then the whole Red Sea incident.” It seemed to stare out beyond for a moment, and then chuckled, “Always a watery response for a while back then.” It said, amused and continued.

Ah yes, there were strategic aggressions in the Third Atmospheric Chambers that involved me and many key members of my group for long periods of what you’d call ‘time.’ However, when we refocused our efforts, we pinpointed a German wall paper hanger who was an apt pupil and likely candidate for some work we wished to accomplish. His name was Adolf-something.” It concluded smugly.

“Are you getting all of this down?” It asked mildly with concern as I scribbled furiously.

“Do you mean…?” I asked, amazed.

Yes, yes… I see you are familiar with the legacy of his work; actually, my work!” It said with pride.

“Don’t look so amazed, the Roman Emperor Caligula was far superior to that little wallpaper hanger!” It laughed, waving a dismissive hand.

“But to summarize … Always the basics, my dear: Control the most influential among your kind like the women; then the richest; the selfish; and the power-hungry. Divide against obvious markings and physical characteristics, like skin color; divide against philosophies and thinking; then divide against assets; like money, water and food; and there you have it!” It smiled.

“By the way, this is a huge juggling act that I’ve been Ring Master of for many eras. I’m glad you took time to research out how the operation works.” He concluded.

I knew this signaled the close of our discussion; however, I needed one more question answered.

“One thing more,” I declared, gaining Its attention.

“If you know I will be writing this article and many humans will read it…?” I trailed off.

“O, ‘why expose my diabolical plot’?” It seemed to smile toward me as It began to fade from view.

“Because my Dear, you humans were designed to “walk by faith and not by sight,” but so many of you will not believe this, and that works out just fine… for me.” It, was gone.


“Nothing New Under the Sun”© 2012     Written By Rev. Corliss Acosta, TN Lighthouse Ministries




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