Always to Pray and Not Faint

9 10 2012

 Dear Reader: Comfort those who are fearful of things coming into the world today. There is a tendancy toward self protection; which is only natural… right?

Let’s visit the book of I Chronicles and see how ‘narrowly calculating’ for self protection, instead of wide-armed worship of God‘s protection got King David into big trouble:

“And Joab answered, “The Lord makes His people an hundred times so many more as they be: But my Lord King, are they not all your servants? Why then does my King require this thing?” I Chron.21:3  & II Samuel 24:3

Reference: I Chronicles 21:-All and II Samuel 24:-All

King David was taking a census. He wanted to know who and how many he could ‘count on’ if Israel was invaded by outlying threats of war and destruction.

How many times have we too counted our money, counted our friends -the ones who could help if there was ever a time of need; satisfied ourselves with the number of goods in supply… just in case? We don’t relax. Often we inwardly await the next problem and tighten our grip on life. Sadly, we teach our loved ones to do the same. We are truly blessed if we have a friend like Joab, who warns us to…                 “knock it off!”

We are doubly blessed in the wisdom of God if we act on the advice. Let’s look inside our heart. Is that what is really going on? Are we ‘calculating‘ for self protection and leading our loved ones to do the same?

How about we open our minds wide in knowledge of God’s word? Let us open our hearts wide in prayer; open our arms wide in gratitude for our Lord and Saviour Jesus; truly our best friend, who teaches us: Always to pray and not faint.”see Luke 18:1

Until next time and as always… Be Blessed!

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