God is Good !!

11 07 2012

God‘s Love: Brand New Every Morning

Do not ever give up on God.

HE is good to you and to me, forever. Never give up on God.

You see, HE isn’t like people who may disappoint you; not like folks that may turn against you. No, God is not like that at all… HE is good.

God is good and He is a rewarder of those who DILIGENTLY seek Him. Bless the name of the Lord our God forever. HE cares about us PERSONALLY and INDIVIDUALLY… this day and forever.

This Lightkeeper testifies that the Lord is good and His mercy endures toward each one of us when we stand fast in His word and in His way.

So if folks or situations are treating you badly; don’t lift a finger against them, but turn speedily to our Heavenly Father and cry out to Him in prayer; He will answer you; He will help you; He will turn the tide to your favor; He will send the help you need; He will expose the truth with a mighty hand… O how great is our God?

None can compare to the God of Abraham… HE IS: The God of little-ole-me. Brothers and Sisters, you can trust Him today. Trust him with your reputation; trust Him with your troubles; trust Him with your all in all… Hold nothing back; then wait upon Him as you bless His Holy name. Wait upon Him like a servant in a good restaurant who watches his customer from a reasonable distance and is quickly at their side to fulfill their every request.

Yes, “wait” upon our God, the Holy One of Israel, the Messiah, our Lord and Savior as a good servant: ready and anticipating the call-to-action. Prepare yourself just as a good navigator who studies the maps, the routes and understands the weather forecasts; the shifting of headwinds and turbulence and how to negotiate oncoming storms… Study, to show yourself approved to wear the title: Servant of the Most High God; Child of the King; the Redeemed by the Blood of the Lamb.

God is good and worthy of our time; worthy of our praise; especially since HE created time… especially since He is in the midst of our praise.

If there is any sacrifice at all, it is the sacrifice of not doing things ‘your way’ and to instead, cast your care upon Him, in anticipation of doing things “His way.” You will not be disappointed. You will rejoice and shout along with me! How Great is our God!

Will you spend some of your time in His word today? It is our reasonable service. It is guaranteed: You will be blessed.

The Lightkeeper is available for: Intercessory Prayer; Biblical Counseling; Guest Speaking; Healing Services; Wedding Official (Tennessee) and friendly chats. We thank you for your free-will offerings to assist this ministry and look forward to sharing the Gospel. Email us today at: Lighthouseministers@gmail.com  Be Blessed!




3 responses

14 07 2012
Corwin mcdaniels

Powerful song enjoy.

14 07 2012
The Lightkeeper

Powerful song… Yup, you’ve gotta love Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald… that just seemed to fit the message so well.

11 07 2012

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