Jesus & Hypocrites

15 06 2012
The Mask

Masks of the Hypocrite

Hypocrite: From the Latin hupocrit s, meaning, to play-act or pretend; one who acts, or pretends to have certain beliefs, attitudes or feelings, but actually lives in contradiction to his/her stated beliefs. Some synonyms for hypocrite would be one who is a “dissembler”; which is a person who espouses (to champion, or advocate) divisions among a group while maintaining the very actions he/she is telling others ‘not’ to do; to be inauthentic; and in Christianity, to be an un-believer.

In the book of Luke 12:33-53, our Lord Jesus teaches us how to prevent becoming a hypocrite. HE begins by telling us to shed ourselves of honoring stuff above honoring God. He then goes on to give us practical advice on how to utilize the profits from selling off the ‘stuff’…By helping the poor; thereby helping our own soul become prepared to be an authentic child of God…clearing our decks to be filled with blessings of God.

Some of us have watched television programs about hoarding and hoarders. Jesus knew that this was a miserable life: To hold on to ‘things’; which is simply an outer indication of an inner struggle to hold on to debilitating, detrimental beliefs… hypocrite.

In ancient theatres the actors used to wear masks to project to the audience the feelings of the character being played; i.e., the villain, the hero, the beauty, etc.

Nowadays, we join groups, clubs and sadly, even certain churches to wear our masks and play our parts convincingly. We disassemble (kick out) anyone who doesn’t play their part the way it needs to fit within the ‘group.’

Getting disassembled (kicked-out) was perfectly alright with our Lord Jesus; you see the hypocrites kicked Him out too; so we are in good company. In fact, He said over and over throughout the New Testament that He didn’t come to bring peace, but a sword and to set folks at opposition with one another. There are no bystanders; we must decide.

Jesus is the righteous Judge. At this point in history, we are being selected for jury duty: Set aside for the Master’s use. Trust me, when HE selects you; you probably won’t be popular any longer. If anyone out there understands what that is like; tell us your story.

In the meantime, read what Jesus told His Disciples (the disciplined ones) regarding this very topic in the books of: Matthew 10:34-36-42; John 7:43 as well as John 9:16; and Mark 13:12-13.

Just for fun: What if our Lord sang this song to all of us when the Hypocrites have kicked us out:  the very fabulous voice of Astrud Gilberto; “Call Me” -Enjoy the lyrics.

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16 06 2012
The Lightkeeper

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The Lightkeeper

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