10 05 2012

Betty Boop – Kiss

Keep It Simple Sweetie or K.I.S.S. is a fun acronym.

At TN Lighthouse Ministries, it is of paramount importance to spend time listening with others in the course of the day. Mainly we find people searching to make sense of a past or present experience.

As the Lightkeeper, the lantern must be lifted high so that the Light may shine brightly, illuminating the dark corners. Yes, often there are things in our lives scurrying away, just off the periphery. Remedy: Keep shining the (progressive) Light of the word of God.

“The teacher’s purpose is to set the class thinking; to guide them gently into the world… to help them forget for a few hours [moments] the stresses of the outside world.”  *

Lately, that guidance has been to compassionately release someone from the bonds of a pain-filled history into the healing truth of a new story. We all have history or her-story. Often those stories bring much pain, torment and bondage into our ‘now,’ keeping us from moving forward.

Many people say, “…the truth will set you free;” however, that is inaccurate. What Jesus said was perfectly complete (as always); which was, “If you continue in my word, (hold fast to, adhere and act in accordance with my word) then you are my disciples (disciplined ones) indeed; and you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” (Make: to progressively enable)        John 8:32

Take Another Look:

After arresting Jesus, slapping Him around and dragging Him before a Roman politician who asks if He was a King and exactly what He had done wrong? Jesus replied: “You say rightly that I am a King. For this cause I was born and for this cause I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth hears my voice.” Then Pontius Pilate said to him, “what is truth?”

John 18:37-38

The Lord Jesus had spent 3 ½ years up until that point diligently preaching, teaching and demonstrating ‘truth’ to whoever was willing to hear him. No longer did He believe it necessary to go over all that He had already accomplished. Jesus ‘stayed in the moment;’ in the present. I believe He had you and me in mind and all those who love truth; because He is truth. Jesus never answered Pilate on that subject; since His very presence said it all.

Also, many hundreds of years earlier, there was a man named Abram who had a beautiful wife named Sarai. Abram had already shown himself  obedient to believe, accept and act based on God’s word.

They were a childless couple longing to have children. However; after they became very old, they believed their dream of children was a painful memory, disaffecting their present reality until God spoke to Abram and promised that he would be the “Father of many nations,” through his wife Sarai.

The first thing God did was to change their personal ‘story’ by changing their names to Abraham and Sarah. Abraham means, the father of a multitude and Sarah means, Princess. When their personal stories changed, their outlook on themselves changed too. Can you imagine an aged married couple calling each other, “Princess and Big Daddy” all day, every day?    Genesis – Chapters: 17, 18 and 19

Are we needlessly retelling history/her-story of personal pain, suffering and anguish? If we are, be aware that we are bringing that same outlook into our present. This is not a call to stick ones head in the sand or to live in denial; it is a compassionate request that we decide to release ourselves into a time of refreshing so we won’t miss the miracle of ‘now.’

Old saying of my Mother’s: “Yesterday is gone, tomorrow isn’t promised, what we have is today; which is a gift of God; that is why it is called: The Present.   Be Blessed!




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