Carried Away

26 04 2012
Carried Away

Carried Away

Ever hear the phrase “Don’t get carried away?”

Lately, the idea of someone being ‘carried away’ has been a recurring theme during counseling sessions. It’s almost of epidemic proportions; striking people in their 30’s and even their 60’s. Perhaps the state of being ‘carried away’ is happening in your life too. Let’s look at that for a moment:

Being a ‘Boomer’ (thank-you-very-much), we used to call people who easily get ‘carried away,’ with wild schemes, dreams, and imaginations; those that chased after rainbows, but were seldom on time for work or a promised meet-up… we called them: “Shaky and/or Flakey.” My personal preference was to utilize the adjective, Shaky.

These were the folks that earnestly assured us: “Soon as I hit the Lotto, I’m going to get my guitar out of hock (pawn shop) and get the band back together!” In our teens and early 20’s we sat on the sidelines nodding and responding with, “okay, that’ll be cool,” while we shuffled off to cram for exams, or to work the next day, or to do a load of laundry. Time marched on and we did the mundane, unglamorous tasks; we settled in to make sock puppets for the kids, joined the PTA or a local Church for the benefit of our families. We became “Square” just like most of our parents (EeeK!).

Its’ natural to stop and take stock of the direction of life (on planet earth) as you slide into middle years (30’s, 40’s). Sadly, many people who got carried away in youth become anxious and make drastic decisions that essentially blame someone (other than themselves) for the sum total of their lives up until now: It’s my Father/Mother’s fault; I married the wrong woman/man; I picked the wrong profession; the wrong place to live; or the wrong car, etc.

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones (m’Boy!) sang: “I can’t git no… Sa-tiz-fac-shun’….But I try and I try, and I try, and I try… but I can’t git no… No, no, no… hey, hey, hey… that’s what I say…!”

By the way: This type of thinking is the root cause of sickness. It opens the door of invitation to sickness and disease (Dis-Ease, Dis-satisfied). Dissatisfaction is a destructive force, a powerful weapon that Satan uses to fulfill his mandate, which is ALWAYS to: Kill, steal and destroy.

How many famous people have had all the money, fame, and privileges in their lives, only to be found anguished, tortured and empty at the end of their days? They had all the trappings of success, but only God can give ‘good’ success; any other kind is simply an empty shell; a lie.

But I try and I try…” Okay, perhaps that’s the problem right there; stop trying. That is correct: Stop Trying! Puleeze people; give it a rest, why don’cha? You see, ‘Shaky’ has a new plan-per-minute and they all involve running to and fro; becoming carried away captive by one thing or person after another as the new ‘big answer’ to all their ‘Shaky’ problems. When that doesn’t work; they drop it and run to the next ‘Shaky’ plan, situation or partner.

Being ‘Shaky’ afflicts more people than we’d imagine. Sometimes, it just takes longer to see the results of a ‘Shaky’ outlook and lifestyle if the person is wealthy: in money and in friends. This was the main situation in the Bible story about The Prodigal Son. Luke 15:11-32

What God’s word says about being ‘Shaky’

A little sleep, a little slumber; a little folding of the hands to sleep and so shall your poverty creep up upon you and overtake you. Proverbs 24:33

Look to the ant you sluggard… Proverbs 6:6

A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. James 1:8 (The purest definition of ‘Shaky’).

Sin crouches at the door. Genesis 4:6-7

Folly (Foolishness) calls to you from the doorway like a wanton woman, beckoning you to come in for a while. Proverbs 9: 13-14

What God’s word says about Steadfastness

“Be anxious for nothing (no thing), but by prayer, and supplication (earnest pleading) with thanksgiving, make your requests known unto GOD and the peace of God which passes ALL understanding will keep your heart (guard your heart) and mind (guard your mind) in Christ Jesus (as a safe deposit).” Philippians 4:6-7 (in context read: Phil. 4: 4-8)

“…but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord…”Joshua 24:15 {Joshua stood up to the ‘Shaky’ folks surrounding him. In fact, Joshua had spent forty years dealing with a bunch of knuckle-heads who threw Moses and God under-the-bus at every wind of challenge and temptation}. The book of Joshua is highly recommended reading.

Obtaining Steadfastness through Christ

“Cast all of your care upon Him, because He cares for you…” I Peter 5:7

“If your heart is single, than your eye (what you focus upon) will be single…” (Setting our hearts desire upon whatever our Heavenly Father wants for us) Matthew 6:22 and Luke 11:34

“I know my heart and plans for you. My plans for you are not evil, but good, to give you a future and a hope…” Jeremiah 29:11

Still not sure what God wants for your life? Just ask Him. Take off your ‘Shaky’ running shoes, sit down, get quiet before Him; ask Him and wait for the answer. You may as well wait; since without His direction for your life, you won’t have ‘good’ success anyway.

Jesus speaks to our ‘Shaky’ little hearts: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.”  Rev. 3:20

AMEN.      Be Blessed!


15 04 2012

Cornelius Medal

If we could simply tie a string around our finger, maybe we can remember to keep reminding ourselves that we are “Accepted” and loved by God.  Acceptance is the key to our lives. Acceptance is the root cause of human behaviors.

Let’s leave out the judgments’ [good/bad] for a moment and consider that what each of us ‘do’ in an average day is the sum total of our acceptances; i.e. ‘not running with scissor pointing out,’ is an acceptance that we could hurt ourselves or others.

Faith begins with acceptance. In studying the Book of Acts, chapter 10; there is a Roman centurion named Cornelius who accepted God: Acts 10:1 “…there was a certain man in Caesarea called Cornelius, a centurion of the band called the Italian Band.” Acts 10:2 “A devout man who venerated God (reverenced, esteemed God) and treated Him with reverential obedience, as did all his household; and he gave much alms generously to the people and prayed continually to God.”

Here we see that Faith begins with acceptance. Cornelius ‘accepted’ God as Almighty God in his life and for his family also. Acceptance moves us to reverence, then obedience, and then an outpouring act which reflects that faith.

Later in this chapter of Acts, we see that God has noted this one man’s faith and sends an Angel to tell him so. Notice that it wasn’t regarding Cornelius’ gender, ethnicity, job, wealth or social standing; however, when Cornelius ‘accepted’ God as his God… then God ‘accepted’ him and all that was a part of his life.

Finally, the Apostle Peter himself had some ‘accepting’ to do in obedience to God and proclaims in Acts 10:34-35: “…in truth I perceive that God shows no partiality, but in every nation whoever fears Him and works righteousness is accepted by Him.”

These are days of societal knit-picking; divisiveness; and finger-pointing, along with all kinds of –‘isms’. Let’s allow ‘acceptance’ to water our garden of Faith to delight our Lord and Savior.

Let’s Pray: “Heavenly Father, I pray we keep our eyes firmly fixed on You and how we might accept Your word into our hearts; as we accept one another in Kingdom-love.” Amen.

Please take a fresh look at the Book of Acts; which overflows with examples that ‘acceptance’ is our first step of faith in God. If you’re interested in the famous family of Cornelius in history; see the notes below and be sure to visit the footnoted website.  Be Blessed!

Here’s a previewCornelius the Centurion: The word centurion implies a Roman Officer, or captain in charge of a century, which in ancient Rome meant 100 soldiers under his command.

Cornelius comes from a large, well-known family line within the framers of what became the Roman Empire, and is considered historically the first gentile and high-ranking Roman officer ever converted to Christianity. He is often referred to traditionally as the first Bishop of Caesarea, or First Bishop under Caesar’s rule. His life is traditionally celebrated every fourth day of February. One of his known descendants was Cornelius the Fourth Bishop of Antioch who ruled in  167.[i]

By the way, this Roman centurion’s descendants are alive and well today, living in America.


5 04 2012

I'm Adopted

Look at those children over there:  America, Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Worldwide.

They are being abused, neglected, brainwashed and tortured. These are criminal acts. The perpetrator must be brought to justice. This madman has been getting away with these crimes against humanity for years and it seems that everyone is powerless to stop him.

In fact, whenever an investigation is called for; the investigators become victims of this cunning criminal; played for fools. Someone has to stand up for these innocent children without surrendering to bribes, threats, or scare tactics; although this thug is known to carry out his threats; even murder.

In the past, many investigators that have sought this Master Criminal for the cause of justice has come back as his paid speaker even defending his heinous actions while using positions of authority to gain support for their corrupted views.

Meanwhile, it is the children who are being slaughtered; enlisted as unwitting puppets against themselves; forced to carry out their own hideous genocide. Due to lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6), some of these victims have sided with their abusers [aka: Stockholm syndrome] and fought against those who would champion their cause.

Diabolical Scheme:

If all of the children of the world hate one another; if all of the officials accept bribes and if people outside the direct zones of attack are made to believe that the perpetrator of these crimes does not exist; then you have a basic outline for the chaos that moves unperceived across the earth by the hand of Satan and his demonic minions.

Dateline Israel:

On a hill far away, was an old rugged cross. This hill was Golgotha; the ‘Place of the Skull.’ This was the skull of Goliath (Yes, “that” Goliath); the inbred evil giant who tried to beat up a little kid named David and usurp the power of the nation of Israel.

When the Israelites buried Goliaths head outside the city walls, the head was so large that the burial site had to be mounded very high; it was a hill. The city gate used to exit toward this hill was where sheep (sorry, but sheep do smell awful) were led in and out of the city. This was known as, The Sheep Gate. Also it was the city dump, just outside of this gate, leading to Golgotha, where you-know-who’s head was buried.

You see, the Israelites were glad Goliath was dead and they were glad that David (who later became King) had killed him; however, there was no way they were going to bury this guy’s head in a place to be venerated. After all, he’d tried to kill the whole town, overthrow the whole army and take over all of Israel as a paid assassin. So, the city dump was where Goliath was memorialized. Additionally, sheep parts were dumped there after religious sacrifices and routine market-slaughter as well as typical city refuses (trash).

What a place. In the words of the late great Bette Davis: “What a dump!” Agreed, however, this is a very special place. It is the exact spot where we (the children of earth) were ADOPTED over two thousand years ago.


Covenants, like contracts and oaths were made on top of something practical (surety) and/or meaningful (symbolic) for both parties to the contract. Hang in there, this isn’t old world ‘legalese’ since it’s no different from what we do in the 21st Century, i.e., put up your car’s Pink Slip to get a cash loan; to ‘give your hand’ in marriage; or to “swear on your mother’s grave,” etc.

So, on top of this meaningful place (Golgotha), the blood-shedding guarantee was performed and vows were exchanged to detail the ‘terms and conditions’ of the promise [covenant, oath]; the contract was set: One perfect (sinless) human life is taken in exchange, so all other parties, now and forever, can go free from the damnation of Satan. That’s it. That is the deal.

The Adoption:

How come so many do not understand what Jesus came to do for humanity, but we fully understand the fine print and principles of those handy Pay-Day-Loans? Okay, moving right along: Back to Golgotha; to buy-back all the children of earth (virtual orphans), so they’d never have to submit to this supernatural mass-murderer’s rampage; we were adopted, and then signed on as Heirs in Jesus’ Last Will and Testament.

Our adoption took place on a Friday with many witnesses. Only one person (the Testator-Jesus) who had absolutely no contributing factors of guilt, stood as representative for the many at trial. His self representation was accepted; although he didn’t offer a self-defense and no one testified on his behalf. The deal was set and He was declared “Guilty.” They led the condemned Jesus (the perfect Lamb of sacrifice) outside of the city walls by way of the Sheep Gate.

When Jesus, the condemned representative for the whole human race arrived at the place of execution [Golgotha], a different type of execution simultaneously took place. The terms of a Divine contract was executed. The accused agreed to take all of the: Punishment, neglect, abuse, pain, suffering, sorrow, sickness, diseases and even death; upon Himself on behalf of the children of earth. In exchange, the perpetrator [Satan] must let the children of earth go free [now and eternally].

Terms and Conditions

Most contracts are executed on paper and sealed in ink. This Divine contract was a very special, irrevocable adoption contract; whose instrument was the live body of the man, Jesus (not paper); the seal was not a raised stamp, but nails pounded into His hands and feet; while the signature was not ink, but His very own blood.

Beneficiary Rights and Responsibilities:

So, from henceforth and forever until He comes: If we believe (with our heart) and confess (with our mouth) that Jesus is Lord; you are saved (Adopted). The terms of your adoption and inheritance as heirs to the covenant (contract), along with all its’ rights, privileges and responsibilities were set for eternity at Calvary [aka: “Skull”, aka “Golgotha”]. These rights are spelled out throughout the Holy Bible.


Just one little shepherd boy, David, demonstrated for all time; the catalyst and attraction of the Power of God to come to our rescue. The catalyst and attraction of the Most High is the same today as it was for David and as it was for our Lord and Savior Jesus, the Christ: It is by FAITH (Ephesians 2:8).

Be Blessed!

Scriptures: I Samuel, chapter 17, Matthew, chapters 26-28 and Romans, chapter 10, verses 8-13

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