Whatever HE Tells You To Do

28 02 2012

Wedding at Cana

His mother said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it.” John 2:5

As most mother’s of adult son’s begin to understand; at some point in time there is a power exchange. No longer is he your ‘little boy’ but to the contrary, he is now ‘your son.’ The difference is in our deference to the young man that now stands before us.

Once upon a time we as mother’s thought nothing about walking up to our son to tuck in his shirt; taking a tissue to wipe his nose; using our hand to smooth down his hair; fussing over a crumpled collar or balls of lint on his sweater. With no thought at all our hands seemed to fly across our son’s of their own accord; straightening, folding, smoothing and picking indescriminately.

I’ll never forget that one day when I drove my (then) thirteen year old daughter and sixteen year old son to the shopping center for the annual back-to-school shopping trip. We visited a men’s clothing store and I immediately engaged the salesman, telling him what size my son wore in slacks; when suddenly a shadow loomed large at my shoulder and a full rich male voice said, “Mom, it’s okay, I’ve got this.” Looking up, I suddenly seemed to see him for the very first time. It was my son, tall and handsome and very much a young man.

The salesman seemed to recognize that we were all in the throws of a transition of some sort and not just between pleat-front or five-pocket. The salesman gave me a test question to see if I’d be giving ground or not, by asking, “Will he be trying these on or…?” The question hung in the air between the three of us. I answered, “Whatever he wants to do…” When I retreated to join my daughter in the courtesy chairs, the salesman began to give his full (adult) professional attention to his customer: my son.

I have heard many ministers preach that Jesus’ Mother, Mary did not recognize the Lord as the Son of God, but I beg to differ in that point based upon what she told those servants during the wedding at Cana; the Lord’s launching.

You see, at that wedding, Mother-Mary demonstrated that she had already experienced her transitional moment and was speaking from her knowledge of and her trust in her Son; her fully capable and qualified Son. Surely a transition had taken place at some point in our her outlook regarding her son.

That transition, from man-child to adult male is beautiful and awesome to behold; do not fight against it, but embrace it. You’ll know when you have fully embraced and celebrated that manhood; when you begin to tell others to take note and pay the respect that is due this new amazing individual who is a part of you, but now stands apart from you, on his own.

I have embraced Mother-Mary’s words for my own relationship with her Son, my Lord and Savior. Mother-Mary’s words still ring as true today as they did to those perplexed servants in that kitchen during the wedding. I believe they heard her  calmly and confidently say: “Whatever He tells you to do… Do it.”

O yes, as we left that store, my son seemed to walk a little taller, shoulders a bit wider, stride a bit longer as he held that shopping bag with the clothing he had determined to wear, purchased with the summer money he had earned.

That was exactly twenty years ago this coming August and I think I’m still beaming over that launch day and many other transitional days he has brought to me since as graduate, soldier, husband and father. I believe Mother-Mary beamed that day too,  as only a Mom could.

Be Blessed!




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