11 02 2012


Mistakes!  Ever make one?

Amazing how it can snowball, picking up speed and people as it goes crashing along, even splashing innocent by-standers.

If you have never made a mistake-God bless you. Personally, I have made PLENTY.  In fact, I just made one quite recently.

I have asked the Lord Jesus to forgive me my trespass against His calling on my life; especially to those, my  Brothers and Sisters whom He has called. And to all those (innocent by-standers) I have hurt or wounded due to my error in action, word and deed:

 “I humbly and sincerely ask your forgiveness.”

Prayer: “Lord Jesus, let your loving peace and your word of truth be a teachable moment today in our hearts and minds. Let us forgive one another speedily and harbor no ill-will as we see the day approaching. I pray this in the Matchless Name of Our Lord and Savior.” Amen

Rev. Corliss Acosta, The Lightkeeper

Note: Several days ago, I blogged about an incident in a former Church. Many believed it was unfair criticism. I was contacted by loving Counsel. I apologize to the Leadership of that Church, its members and all who were offended by that deleted posting.




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13 02 2012
The Lightkeeper

Hello Corliss and Mr. Acosta,
I just read the front page of your website and enjoyed it very much. The public apology was very moving, and I loved your conversation with God. I will continue exploring and enjoying.
In Christ,

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