Healing Miracles I

25 01 2012


Healing Today

 I want to tell you what the Bible says about healing and healing miracles.

First of all, they have not been ‘done away with’ in this age; secondly they did not ‘die out’ with the last Apostle as some Theologians would have you believe. In fact, just the opposite is true. This should come as no great surprise since the enemy of our soul (a/k/a Satan) always uses the opposite of truth as his domain.

You see if Satan can convince you that: he doesn’t exist; you have no hope of healing and that miracles are from an ancient time long past; then he can wreak havoc with your faith, your health and that of your loved ones, unhindered. That’s a high price to pay for being ignorant; in fact, the price is death: “My people perish (are destroyed) for lack of knowledge. Hosea 4:6 NKJV

There is no ‘magical’ formula; no handy ten-step system or reference workbook for your browsing pleasure. There is simply the loving welcome and relationship that only you can decide to have with the Lord Jesus, the Christ; the Anointed One who ever lives to intercede for us in the throne room of Almighty God, JHV.

Until we put down “our” way of doing things; “our” way of looking at things in our lives and what we perceive as the world around us; we will be left adrift in our own devices. This leaves us vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy.

Reliance upon self-management opens us to enemy attacks on our health; which is in direct correlation with our relationship between ‘self and God.’ This break in relationship between ourselves and God soon opens us to enemy attacks upon our relationships with our body-soul-spirit man; other people and various things in our world (view).

To begin our journey to healing, let’s consider the anointed words found in the Book of Hebrews. What a wonderful tool that opens to us the deeper meanings and fulfillments of the ‘types’ shown in the Old Testament priesthood that our Lord Jesus assumed eternally on our behalf.

For this short study we will visit Hebrews 7: 24-28, but I strongly encourage you to read the entirety of the Book of Hebrews. This book of the Bible is like a big “reveal,” like one of those  Before/After design showcases; when read in consideration of the Old Testament (shadows of Christ’s legal and righteous perfection); along with the New Testament Synoptic Gospel- accounts (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John) of the incarnate (bodily) Jesus.

The book of Hebrews is like a bridge that flows between earth and heaven, welcoming us to “trust” in the Lord like our very lives depended upon it; and it does. Until next time… Be Blessed




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