Guarding Your Way

17 01 2012

Truth in Advertising

 While folding laundry I decided to watch a TV show. I like mystery or suspense, like the old “It Takes a Thief” series with Robert Wagoner.

I came across a movie I had heard of and settled in to watch when I got a little “unction” from the Holy Spirit to ‘read’ the details of the movie plot. It was about: murder, hostage-taking, violence and theft by drug lords.

I realized that over 16 years ago, the Lord had heard my cry and delivered  me from bondage of violence  by those kinds of people and their evil acts. Instead, He has given me a heart to proclaim His ‘good news’ so others can be delivered by Him (perpetrators as well as victims).

So, why would I decide to be ‘bound’ for 90 minutes watching depictions of this kind of evil in high definition? It is my responsibility to guard as precious and sacred, my freedom in Christ. So, I turned off the TV and cleaned out the kitty litter box!

Proverbs 16:17 “The highway of the upright turns aside from evil; he who guards his way preserves his life.”       Be Blessed




One response

17 01 2012

Yes and yes! In trying to become more focused, I’ve realized that guarding my mind from foolishness is key. Wether it be TV Shows, Certain Songs, or Mindless conversations that don’t uplift anyone. I turned off my TV and picked up a Book : )

And what do YOU think?

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