In Our Own Eyes

5 01 2012

“Every man did what was right in his own eyesEx. 15:26

In Our Eyes

In Our Eyes

These words preceded eminent destruction/captivity for nations, cities and individuals. Once again society has come full circle; leading itself into destruction. These words referred to times in history when this statement was true of everyone in the world from a God’s-eye-view.

When we turn our eyes away from the Lord; when we stop listening to the Word of God and when we only wish to be heard; we are headed toward the destructions prophesied by the Lord Himself (ref. Matthew and Revelation).

As Christians, we read the above paragraph (skim?) and nod our heads… “Yeah, that’s what “THEY” do! Amen!” However,  just look at your own Face Book page: How many people are just “talking” and not listening? How many are commenting and not hearing? How many are promoting their own thing and not supportive of others?

Let us all pull back and greet each other with a Holy kiss of acknowledgement, courtesy, support, and encouragement. “How will you know that they are Christians? It is “by how they love (agape-love) one another.”

Homework: Ex. 15:26; Judge’s. 17:6; Prov. 12:15 and 16:25 and please comment on the Scriptures.

Prayer: May God bless the reading of His Word. Amen†




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