8 12 2011


Isn’t it great that the play “GodSpell” is back on Broadway? We, of a certain age realize that so much beautiful music came from that play; it is now in the fabric of our American Society. One of the most famous songs (there are many) is, “Day By Day.” Many of you saw the original play, or performed parts from GodSpell in High School, College or community theatre; along with the play, “Hair!

However, now you’re talking about my ‘coming of age’ decade and the background of unrest against all things ‘establishment.’ We wanted to be authentic; to celebrate our uniqueness and radically experience brotherly love. We fluffed out our hair, wore tri-colored socks, love beads and headbands… we were young, wild and free!

Many in my youthful tribe loved Jesus, but we pushed against the stuffy bureaucracy of mindless, denominational dogma, the senseless (Vietnam) war, the disgusting evils of greed and racism (and still do). Then came the 1980’s and we all got jobs. We combed our hair; donned our ‘interview suits’; stuffed our passion in our pockets along with our credit cards… Thus, here we are today: Gutted! But wait… Do I hear the first strains of a song?

The prelude to “Day By Day,” is a haunting little melody: “Prepare the way of the Lord… Prepare the way of the Lord.” Hey, it’s a sign! The next time I heard the lyrics to “Day By Day,” Ben Stiller was doing a comically, convoluted prayer in the presence of his fiancée’s parents in “Meet the Parents”: ‘Day by day, day by day… O dear Lord these things I pray… To see thee more clearly; to love thee – more dearly… Day by day…’ Yes, Ben Stiller had me falling on the floor, laughing out loud (that’s FOF-LOL for my texting friends) with his fumbling quote of a song in lieu of saying ‘grace.’

Actually, he was brilliant! Those lyrics are a fabulous prayer. After all, prayer is only conversation with the Lord. Prayer is like our public or private declaration of what’s on our hearts and mind directed to our creator. I believe God wants us to have Him on our minds and tell Him about it; or ask Him what He thinks. Additionally, He is always interested in what you think (unless you’ve gotten on His last good nerve-so to speak).

So, in this busy lifestyle of ours; why not take time to talk to Him… just talk to Him! We don’t always have to have a ‘wish list’ in our hip pocket. Put Jesus on your ‘favorites’ list. Who knows, you just might– Be Blessed: Day-by-day




And what do YOU think?

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