Church and State: Don’t Believe the Hype

26 11 2011
Thomas Jefferson
 An Original 99 Percenter

If you believe as I do, that ancient Israel typifies and records societal mankind’s interaction with and oftentimes, disobedience toward Almighty God and its’ consequences; then take a peek at Isaiah, chapter 1. In it we see all kinds of wonderful promises of blessings from the Lord and vital outlines for our benefit. However, in this political season there is also a dire warning to those who would be leaders of the nation (“Princes”) in verses 21 through 26 of the first chapter.

These verses recount how the ‘faithful city’ has become … (pardon the expression)…”a harlot!” Making ‘one-night-stand’ alliances and telling each that they are ‘the only one.’ We’re talking politics here people! I know Thomas Jefferson spoke of the separation between church and state, but read on through Isaiah verses 22-26; God made no such distinction. By-the-by, I have read the Jefferson letters at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and they essentially propose  that the government should not bully, mandate or proclaim a national religion, nor otherwise intervene in the orderly proceedings within the people exercising their religious practice. Those letters were not a law dictating separation, since Jefferson recognized that America was founded upon faith in God and His Son Jesus, the Christ.

In Jesus’ most often quoted book: The Prophet Isaiah, we have God’s point of view on political practices. God see’s the perversion of judgement; the taking of bribes from Lobbyists (‘thieves‘) and the lack of fairness toward those who are defenseless: Widows, orphans and those in poverty. In verse 24-25, Almighty God speaks of  separating corrupt leaders from the general population, by taking ‘vengeance’ upon them. God considers corrupt politicians as His enemy! In verse 28 (bonus round), the Lord God says exactly what’s in store for these folks: “…And those who forsake the Lord will be consumed.”

Also, the Lighthouse Ministries is mentioned in Isaiah chapter 2, verses 2-3. We stand as a beacon for this age of humanity:

“Shining Toward the  Light of Christ.”                      Be Blessed: Lightkeeper




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