From Mourning to Dancing

6 11 2011

God wants us to increase our territory for His Kingdom-cause on earth – right now! We are to take ‘ground’ from the enemy of our souls while getting free in Christ Jesus.

If that’s not happening in your life; it may be a shrinking motion in direct proportion to your level of faith (or lack of faith). Now, before you get all defensive and churchified on me… Let’s read about David.

Regarding overcoming-territory in Christ Jesus: Is it shrinking or growing? In Psalms 6 (all); David laments his position and circumstances; even his bones ache and he cries all night. The medical profession wholeheartedly agrees that whatever happens to us humans emotionally eventually shows up in us physically. Note: “even my bones ached.”

However, David looks to the Lord and by Psalms 30 (all) his mourning has turned into dancing and his prayers are answered.

We too can  spend a lifetime languishing in our cares, sorrows, aches and pains, because of never putting our hope in the Lord; never building up our spirit in faith or dealing with the ‘root cause’ (source) of the troubles. These are our own personal decisions: Seek the Lord or seek our own way ~making excuses and complaining?   It is up to each of us.

Let’s Pray: “Lord Jesus, we thank you that we have the victory through you in all of our cares, troubles and sorrows. Lord, help us hear your truth that still reaches out to bind our wounds and heal our hurts; turning our mourning into triumphant dancing in You.” Amen




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