30 11 2011


The Occupy 99% is a reality of our times. Jesus was all ‘for’ Occupy and even gave a parable about doing just that within the Book of Luke. Occupy is simply defined as: “to use.” Christians are to 100% ‘Occupy/Use’—Good sense; use inclusivity; use love for self and others; to use the gifts of the Holy Spirit. How do we do this? When we “Obey” as recorded within the Bible:

  • Deut. 11:27~Obey the commandments (yeah… all Ten).
  • I Samuel 15:22~to ‘obey’ is better than sacrifice.
  • Jeremiah 7:23~God says: “Obey my voice…that it may be well with you.”
  • Matthew 8:27 and Mark 1:27~It is recorded that: The wind, the sea and the unclean spirits responsible for disease, sickness and all mental/physiological torment ‘obeyed’ the Lord Jesus; even His name.
  • Acts 5:29~The Apostle Paul plainly states that: “We ought to ‘obey’ God.” Christians understand that God keeps His word, because God is His word and Jesus isthe word made flesh’ (John 1:14). Is that not reason enough why we “ought” to ‘obey’ God?

Knowing this, we as Christians are to ‘Occupy’; by living and standing upon the word of God, until the Lord comes again. In the Book of Jeremiah 17:7~God gives us the results of our obedience in Him saying: “Blessed is the person that trusts in the Lord and whose hope the Lord is.” So, go ahead, “OCCUPY 100%!”              For confidential prayer; spiritual counseling, the Lords’ Healing or to support this Teaching Ministry, Email: Lighthouse@gmail.com ~ Be Blessed


29 11 2011

Tithe, Offering, First Fruits

Nehemiah 12: 43-47 describes three types of collections dedicated to the Lord: The offering, the first fruits and the tithe.

  1. Beginning with the “first fruits”, we see that this consisted of a tenth portion of what one raised, i.e., crops, cattle, or poultry
  2. The tithe, which means tenth-part, consisted of the first ten percent of your salary, wages or other monetary income. Gross or net? Let’s not ‘nickel and dime’ Almighty God; let your heart counsel with Him on this matter. However, I believe it to be what you actually receive into your hand to use as you choose and not what Caesar (aka: the Government) attached.
  3. The offering is what is given in addition to the previous collections. It is a “free will offering” above and beyond what has already been given. The amount of which is dictated by the individual’s cheerful heart. The offering keeps the building maintained.

There are lots of details Nehemiah read to the people all day long in chapter 13 probably from the Books of Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. However, our lesson today asks: “Who Gets the Tithe, first fruits and the offering?” Nehemiah 12:44-47 tells us it is divided among those who “work” in the House of God: The singers, the ushers (porters), the priests, the Levites; dedicated workers who serve the Lord by serving the people of God in the House of God.

These same workers are in the Christian Church today. That would consist of the choir; the ushers/greeters; the praise and worship team; the musicians; nursery workers; Elders/Deacons/Administrators; the maintenance and cleaning people; those who are ordained: Bible Teachers; Gospel Preachers/Evangelists; Youth Minister; and the Senior Pastor. Titles may change according to denomination and doctrine, but the work is pretty much the same everywhere.

The above is an outline of those dedicated to “work” in the House of the Lord. God set things in order that no one would struggle, are left thankless, do without or be inhibited in their ability to serve Him with a glad heart. With the exception of those ordained in fulltime ministry or on salary to the church; the distribution was probably not done every Sabbath, but during the course of the year at various times of celebration. The portion was set for the workers to be encouraged in their labor and service to the Lord and the people. Be a blessing and serve; be blessed and give. Email: Lighthouseministries@gmail.com to arrange your giving today.

Church and State: Don’t Believe the Hype

26 11 2011
Thomas Jefferson
 An Original 99 Percenter

If you believe as I do, that ancient Israel typifies and records societal mankind’s interaction with and oftentimes, disobedience toward Almighty God and its’ consequences; then take a peek at Isaiah, chapter 1. In it we see all kinds of wonderful promises of blessings from the Lord and vital outlines for our benefit. However, in this political season there is also a dire warning to those who would be leaders of the nation (“Princes”) in verses 21 through 26 of the first chapter.

These verses recount how the ‘faithful city’ has become … (pardon the expression)…”a harlot!” Making ‘one-night-stand’ alliances and telling each that they are ‘the only one.’ We’re talking politics here people! I know Thomas Jefferson spoke of the separation between church and state, but read on through Isaiah verses 22-26; God made no such distinction. By-the-by, I have read the Jefferson letters at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. and they essentially propose  that the government should not bully, mandate or proclaim a national religion, nor otherwise intervene in the orderly proceedings within the people exercising their religious practice. Those letters were not a law dictating separation, since Jefferson recognized that America was founded upon faith in God and His Son Jesus, the Christ.

In Jesus’ most often quoted book: The Prophet Isaiah, we have God’s point of view on political practices. God see’s the perversion of judgement; the taking of bribes from Lobbyists (‘thieves‘) and the lack of fairness toward those who are defenseless: Widows, orphans and those in poverty. In verse 24-25, Almighty God speaks of  separating corrupt leaders from the general population, by taking ‘vengeance’ upon them. God considers corrupt politicians as His enemy! In verse 28 (bonus round), the Lord God says exactly what’s in store for these folks: “…And those who forsake the Lord will be consumed.”

Also, the Lighthouse Ministries is mentioned in Isaiah chapter 2, verses 2-3. We stand as a beacon for this age of humanity:

“Shining Toward the  Light of Christ.”                      Be Blessed: Lightkeeper


17 11 2011


“…live in peace with everyone…”

The most powerful prayer on earth is foud in Luke 23:34 “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” This brief, powerful prayer is the Key to life here on earth and unlocks the prison doors of sickness, pain and torment.

Utilizing this Key, we can be free if we choose to use its power from a sincere heart.


For more on freedom through Forgiveness, study: Luke 6:28, Matthew 6:15, Romans 15:1-17 and I Corinthians 1o (all); especially verses 13-16                              Be Blessed!

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14 11 2011


13 11 2011
Forgiveness: God's Tool

What's In Your Tool Box?

Too often we get fixed, stuck, on OUR: Problems, our struggles…our “stuff”. We are not only “stuck”, but in bondage to how we perceive life. We can quite easily become prisoners of our own mental outlook.

How often do possessions own us? Nowadays we see children in authority over and directing their parents. Do we own a house or does the house own us? Do we possess a vast collection of:  Shoes, coins, scrapbook items, jewelry, guns, rods/reels, or any variety of ‘things’; or do ‘things’ own us? Of course, we know that Jesus impacted us with His statement: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21 and Luke 12:34

However, He was speaking to us: People overwhelmed in mind, body and spirit with “too much going on” in their life. Many Americans are overwhelmed with the clutter of unforgiveness; which is pacified with “stuff.”  There is a connection.

Our avalanche of choices and stuff-pacifiers overwhelm many of us with sleepless nights and grog-filled days. We become like the “Rich young ruler” in the books of Matthew and Luke who spoke to Jesus citing his many possessions, accomplishments and advantages, but wanting to know: “What yet do I lack?”

Jesus basically told him to let go of the possessions that possessed him and build direction in his life. Forgiveness is a building tool: It cleans out the junk cluttering our hearts and overwhelming our lives; making us move in too many directions.

Forgiveness is: A God-inspired, God-empowered tool that makes “what is impossible with man, possible with God.” Forgiveness: This is the stuff of true freedom. “Freedom comes, not from fixing on the complexity of your problem, but from looking on the simplicity of God’s answer.”

Let’s Pray: “Lord Jesus, we give our heart, mind and soul in your care with faith-filled trust. We seek only your direction for our lives and release to your loving hands, those things that would block a deeper relationship with you.” Amen            Be Blessed

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6 11 2011
The End is near
Really Dude?

Remember the old guy who keeps predicting the end of the world and the return of Jesus? Is he nutz or what? Ours is not to judge. Only Jesus is the righteous judge and He said, “You shall know them by their fruit…”Matthew 7:16 As to whether someone is motivated by God or something else.

Meanwhile, it’s about ‘who you really’ are at the end of the day; after the ‘hype’, when 15 minutes of fame are up.
In Matthew 24:3 the disciples of Jesus wanted to know when the ‘end’ was coming too. Jesus told them “no one knows but the Father…” Mark 13:32. In fact, Jesus even recused himself from knowing, but basically advised us to be ready.
Perhaps that is what the ‘old predictor guy’ was teaching us to think about. Why not consider that Jesus really is coming soon and ask Him into your heart today. Follow Romans chapter 10, verses 9-10 then call me in the morning… If we’re all still here.

From Mourning to Dancing

6 11 2011

God wants us to increase our territory for His Kingdom-cause on earth – right now! We are to take ‘ground’ from the enemy of our souls while getting free in Christ Jesus.

If that’s not happening in your life; it may be a shrinking motion in direct proportion to your level of faith (or lack of faith). Now, before you get all defensive and churchified on me… Let’s read about David.

Regarding overcoming-territory in Christ Jesus: Is it shrinking or growing? In Psalms 6 (all); David laments his position and circumstances; even his bones ache and he cries all night. The medical profession wholeheartedly agrees that whatever happens to us humans emotionally eventually shows up in us physically. Note: “even my bones ached.”

However, David looks to the Lord and by Psalms 30 (all) his mourning has turned into dancing and his prayers are answered.

We too can  spend a lifetime languishing in our cares, sorrows, aches and pains, because of never putting our hope in the Lord; never building up our spirit in faith or dealing with the ‘root cause’ (source) of the troubles. These are our own personal decisions: Seek the Lord or seek our own way ~making excuses and complaining?   It is up to each of us.

Let’s Pray: “Lord Jesus, we thank you that we have the victory through you in all of our cares, troubles and sorrows. Lord, help us hear your truth that still reaches out to bind our wounds and heal our hurts; turning our mourning into triumphant dancing in You.” Amen

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